CACHATTO V5.5 R5 version release

CACHATTO V5.5 R5 was released March 31, 2016. This latest version of CACHATTO contains a number of improvements/strengthened features.

CACHATTO V5.5 R5: What’s New?

  • Limiting the use of specific CACHATTO applications and its version(s)
  • This allows the CACHATTO administrator to enable/disable the use of specific CACHATTO applications (such as CACHATTO SecureBrowser and CACHATTO Desktop) and versions that can log into CACHATTO
  • Blacklisted-applications feature
  • This feature prevents the use of CACHATTO SecureBrowser on devices with blacklisted applications (such as Jailbreak apps)

For more on this function, please refer to the Support site:

  • Visit the Support Site
  • Go to the Technical Information area and click Blacklisted-applications feature

CACHATTO V5.5 R5 requirements:

  • CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.21.0 and above (Android devices)
  • CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.19.0 and above (iOS devices).

    In order to enable the new features of CACHATTO V5.5 R5, you must be registered to the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

For more information on CACHATTO V5.5 R5 release, please refer to the release notes.

*Release note is only in Japanese.

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