Secure delivery of the right applications and data to the right user, on the right device, any time and any location


CACHATTO is a Secured Unified Digital Workspace™ platform, enabling a highly secure access to corporate resources using any device, anytime, anywhere.

CACHATTO product

Secure Unified Digital Workspace

Provide a safe environment when accessing on-premise and multiple cloud environments without compromising user agility or corporate manageability

CACHATTO features

Focusing on data security, secure access, and data isolation to provide access to corporate resources using any device in a single platform

Data security on end-point

Centralised security measures, such as data leak prevention, encrypted access, data and endpoint device isolation, authorised-based network access, and data sharing for managed and unmanged devices. End user privacy and enterprise data security co-exist with segregation of data and access.

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Secure and individualised perimeter access

Individualized parameters can access various on-premise, as well as providing a secure access to cloud-based resources. All unauthorized network resources are made invisible and therefore inaccessible.

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Consistent, comprehensive and unified

CACHATTO is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs. Using any device on any OS, authorised user are consistently granted access to enterprise on-prem or cloud-based resources.

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Simple deployment, flexible and easy management

Extremely easy and fast installation - does not require data centre re-architecture. Easy configuration & management with no changes to firewall, no special ports, no VPN requirement. CACHATTO co-exists with enterprise infrastructure.

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