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Robust and easy to implement, flexible and adaptable - able to co-exist with enterprise infrasucture


The CACHATTO server is placed within the corporate network. CACHATTO server is accessible to mobile clients via the CACHATTO Access Point.

CACHATTO product

Data security solution

Data security

Outbound port connection

No direct access to corporate network/servers from end devices eliminating security risks. CACHATTO only uses post 443, Outbound HTTPS connection. No inbound ports, global DNS, no possibility of lateral “east/west” attacks, no discovery by malware or bad actor rendering them ineffective

Data security

Data security

No enterprise data stored on device, prevents securit breaches and data leakages. Prevents security breaches in case of theft or misplaced personal devices – remote wipe unnecessary.

Data security

Isolation between corporate & personal data

Complete segregation, isolation or no cross-contamination between personal and work content on end device

Software-defined perimeter

Data security

User resources and management

Managing CACHATTO and its users can be down solely on the corporate network though the CACHATTO Administrator page. The Administrator page allows centralised control - specify usuable resources to specific user, set unique MDM settings, user activity auditing.

Data security

Dynamic and individualised authorised-based access

Users are given access to authorised resources only, while all other resources are left invisible. Secure delivery of the right applications and data to the right user, on the right device, any time and any location

Data security

Secure remote access

As a great alternative to VPN, which grants access to entire segments, CACHATTO provides a permit-deny access control, rendering unauthorised resources inaccessible to users.

Data security

Third-party user access

Set secured and managed network priveledges for third-party access. Administrator could customise authorised resources for third-party access, while all other corporate resources are left invisible.

Data security

Secure access to cloud-based access

Allows precise access control to cloud environments, managing cloud-based resources on a per-user basis.

Authentication based access

CACHATTO connects with Active Directory (AD) to better validate users and strengthen login capabilities. CACHATTO MFA identifies an authorized user and sends permission to accessible resources while unauthorized assets remain invisible.

Functionality Description/ Use case
App Lock Passcode
  • Keeps sensitive data safe by automatically locking the CACHATTO SecureBrowser after a given idle period.
  • The app will request the user to enter App Lock Passcode before access.
  • After a consecutively pre-specified number of failed attemps has been made, 'Local Wipe' which erases CACHATTO SecureBrowser settings, including login credentials.
AD/LDAP login
  • AD/LDAP authentication applies for access permission on portals and file server files.
  • Files/folders without access permission are not displayed. Likewise, these files /folders are not visible from CACHATTO either.
Device authentication
  • CACHATTO uses the registered device ID and prevents login to SecureBrowser from unauthorised devices.
CACHATTO SecureBrowser Authentication
  • This step verifies that access is allowed to corporate data through SecureBrowser.
Application version check
  • The MDM policies on the Administrator page allow administrators to specifu the application version.
Rooted/Jailbreak check
  • Prevents security breaches, CACHATTO SecureBrowser does not start on Rooted/Jail-broken devices.
  • If you start CACHATTO SecureBrowser on these devices, the app will force itself to shut down immediately to prevent access to CACHATTO.
Unauthorised application installation check
  • Administrator can prohibit the use of CACHATTO on smartphone devices installed with specified applications.

CACHATTO SecureBrowser

Data security

Offsite connection

CACHATTO SecureBrowser enables an offsite connection on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Data security

Prevention of security and data breach

Prevention of security breach via no-cache, non-sharing features. No accessed data and resources are stored on the end device.

Data security

Downloadable CACHATTO SecureBrowser app

CACHATTO SecureBrowser is a dedicated browser is downloadable from the App Store, Google Play store, and a dedicated download site.


Data security

Virtual environment

The virtual desktop and virtual disk that makes up the virtual workspace (sandbox environment) allows for applications to be used inside the environment and enables files to be saved temporarily.

Data security

Temporarily saved data and virtual workspace erased upon logout

Files in the virtual environment are deleted along with the workspace upon logout or when the session ends; no data is left on the local device.

Data security

Offline capablities

Viewing and editing files is still possible in areas with unstable internet access. Microsoft Office files can be edited using applications from local resources.

Data security

Enhanced security of cloud-based software

With CACHATTO SecureBrowser, securely access cloud-based groupware such as Office 365 and Google Suite, as well as corporate resources.

CACHATTO management

Data security

Customise user settings

Customise settings and access configuration for individual users or specific groups. The CACHATTO Administrator page helps you be organised by giving you full control over a number of access-restricted settings, system connections, account management, etc. available for administrators and users.

Data security

Server settings

Ensure a continuously smooth and manageable system with server and system connection setting capabilities.

Management can be done solely from the corporate network through the Administrator page. Administrators can set and enable various CACHATTO functions and features, including but not limited to email and portals, MDM, and proxy server and security policy settings.

Data security


Customise and create a system that best fits your organisation. The Administrator page offers backup and recovery capabilities, as well as software updates and rollback.

Monitor system activity through various log reports; the CACHATTO Administrator page log reports make it easy to examine potential security risks, track and analyze administrator and user activity, and much more.

Downloadable apps & software

Data security


CACHATTO SecureBrowser is an application exclusively developed for “CACHATTO”, a secure enterprise access solution. CACHATTO SecureBrowser app is available for download for iOS and Android devices, via App store and Google play store, respectively.

Data security

CACHATTO software for Windows & Mac

CACHATTO software for Windows and Mac are available from dedicated download site. Users can contact their CACHATTO administrator for download site URL and CACHATTO product download key.

System specifications

Compatible servers/ applications/ storage

Groupware (on-premise) IBM Notes/Domino 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.0 / 8.0 / 8.5 / 9.0
Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016
Groupware (cloud) Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange online)
G-Suite for work
Mail server POP3 / APOP compatible
IMAP4 compatible
File server Windows server 2008 / 2012

System specifications

CACHATTO server hardware requirements

Up to 250 users Up to 1000 users Up to 2000 users Up to 5000 users
CPU Xeon 1.8GHz 4 Core x 1 Xeon 2.4GHz 4 Core x 1 Xeon 2.4GHz 6 Core x 1 Xeon 2.4GHz 8 Core x 2
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
HDD 36 GB 73 GB 146 GB 400 GB
OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 / 7, Cent OS 6 / 7

Application requirements

CACHATTO SecureBrowser specifications

CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS iOS 9 or higher
iOS device without Jailbreak
App store account (Apple ID, password)
CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Andriod Android 4.1 or higher
Non-Rooted Android device
Google Play account (*For the Chinese market, contact your administrator)
CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher
CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows Windows 7 or higher

Application requirements

CACHATTO Desktop for Windows specifications

Supported OS Windows 10* (64bit)
Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
Supported Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 2010 and above
Microsoft Visio、Project (Project Standard) 2016
WPS Office (Kingsoft Office 2016)
CPU Core i3-6100U and above
Core i5-3200 and above
(Excluding low voltage Core i5-3xxx, low voltage versions must be i5-5257U and above)
Memory Over 4 GB
(The required memory required upon start up of CACHATTO Desktop is 512MB for a 4GB PC, and 768MB for an 8GB PC.)
Hard disk Over 200 MB free space
Display Fulfills OS system requirements
Network Capable of internet connection
Other Cannot be opened with Built-in Administrator account; must be opened with account with administrator/standard user privileges.

*We test Windows 10 using Semi-Annual Channel in the lastest version as of our evaluation.

CACHATTO Desktop for Mac specifications

Supported OS OS X 10.14 Mojave and above
Supported software/apps Microsoft Office 365/2019
Office 2016 and above (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)*
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie)
Mac applications (Notes, Preview, Script Editor, Stickies)
CPU Core i5 and above
Memory Over 4 GB
Display Fulfills OS system requirements
Network Capable of internet connection

*Office versions which Microsoft does not recommend to use in OS X are not supported.

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