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Profile (Head office)

Company e-Jan Networks Co.
Established 6th March 2000
Board members
Shiro Sakamoto
Masato Takino
Outside director
Emima Abe
Outside director
Hiromi Sakazume
Full-time auditor
Noboru Tsunoda
Masaharu Abe
Takashi Ochiai
Capital ¥45,000,000
No. of employees 130 employees (As of 1st September 2023)
Business contents Planning, development, sales and operation of the remote access solution "CACHATTO" and related products
Major customers NTT Docomo
KDDI Co., Ltd.
Softbank Co., Ltd.

Agrex Inc.
Intec Solution Power
SoftBank Commerce & Service
NRI Secure Technologies, Inc.
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
NEC Nexs Solutions Co., Ltd.
NEC Networks & System Integration Corp.
NTT DATA Business Systems Co., Ltd.
Otsuka Shokai Co., Ltd.
Optima Co., Ltd.
Optage Corporation
Kaga Solution Network Co.,Ltd
CTC SP Co., Ltd.
SystemEXE, Inc.
Softcreate Co. Ltd.
Railway Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Information Systems Co., Inc.
Nissay Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Networld Corporation
Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
PFU Limited
Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
Bell Data Co., Ltd.
Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd.

Message from CEO

e-Jan Networks aims to get customers constantly saying 'e-Jan!' It is important that we look from the customers' point of view, and that our customers are satisfied with and continue to favor our products. 'e-Jan!' is Japanese for 'That's cool!' or 'I like it!' This is the key phrase that expresses our vision.

Shiro Sakamoto

In order to achieve this, we put priority on members' high level of moral, enthusiasm, and interpersonal respect at work. These will lead to a positive working environment where members appreciate each others' contributions, which effectively reaches out to our customers. This dynamic enables us to create a product that continues to gain 'e-Jan!'

We also place importance on diversity; members from different countries, races, ages and sexes, are continuously working hard together by concentrating their wisdom, in a proactive, enthusiastic, rational, creative, and flexible way. Diversity enables our products to constantly be creative and valuable in this quickly-changing IT business world.

Thanks to our customers, CACHATTO has evolved into the product that it is now. Through CACHATTO, our goal is to gain, on a global scale, 'e-Jan!' We strongly believe this coagulated energy of enthusiasm will lead us to a next-generation ideal organization that can contribute globally.

Shiro Sakamoto

e-Jan Networks Co, CEO

e-Jan milestone


February CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 10 consecutive years


February CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 9 consecutive years
February Selected as the best company in the medium-sized category "Great place to work" ranking in Japan
March Received a "Promotion Award" at the 1st "TOKYO Telework Award"
April Received "Mizuho Innovation Award" sponsored by Mizuho Bank
July Opened Hakodate satellite office in Hakodate City, Japan
November Opened "e-Jan Lab in Kochi" in Kochi City
December Official release of CACHATTO SecureContainer for Windows


February CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 8 consecutive years
February Selected as the best company in the medium-sized category "Great place to work" ranking in Japan


July 510,000 CACHATTO users, 1100 companies
October Official release of CACHATTO V6


February 420,000 CACHATTO users, 1000 companies
October CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 7 consecutive years
December Opened new Kochi Technical Center in Kochi City, Japan


November CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 6 consecutive years
March Implemented MBO by acquiring own shares from Toray Industries, Inc.
February Opened new office in India


December Moved to new office in Singapore
November CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 5 consecutive years
August Official press release of Splashtop for CACHATTO
April Official release of CACHATTO V2.0
February Official release of NinjaConnect - Remote file-server access service


November Official press release of CACHATTO Cloud Hosting for AWS
October Official press release of CACHATTO Business Messenger
October CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 4 consecutive years
January Official release of CACHATTO Multi-Cloud Gateway™


October CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 3 consecutive years
July Release of CACHATTO Global helpdesk
April Opened new office in Singapore (E-Jan International Pte. Ltd.)
April Moved head office to Chiyoda-ku, Ichibancho, Tokyo (Japan)
January Official release of the renewed CACHATTO Desktop for Windows


July Started selling CACHATTO in China with the cooperation of the Nomura Research Institute (Beijing), Ltd.
June CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in market survey for 2 consecutive years
June CACHATTO can now be integrated with Cloud-based applications
February Nominated as IBM Collaboration Solutions Global awardee finalist
January Release of CACHATTO V5.0 - Integrated with MDM function and new user interface


August Released CACHATTO V4.6; began supporting multiple languages
August Moved Osaka office to Umeda, Osaka (Japan)
June CACHATTO receives Number 1 in shares in 'Smartphone Remote Access Tool' market survey
June Began CACHATTO Access Point East-West Disaster Recovery System
April Opened new office in Shin-Osaka (Osaka office)
March Privacy mark (JISQ15001) acquired; Authorization number: 10823928(01)
January Began providing file server viewing function for CACHATTO
January Changed name to e-Jan Networks Ltd. (e-Janネットワークス株式会社)


November CACHATTO receives the Global Award from the EGG JAPAN Business Contest: EGG Japan Innovation Cruiser
October CACHATTO user base reaches over 100,000
February Began providing CACHATTO for au
February Joined Softbank Mobile Ltd.’s Solution Provider PREMIUM
January Began providing CACHATTO Docomo Edition; registered in NTT Docomo Inc.’s Docomo Prospert Program


December Began providing CACHATTO SecureSandbox
September Began providing Option for Workflow on Notes for CACHATTO
July Released CACHATTO V4.5, which officially supported the iPad
May Began providing CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android devices


August Began providing Connect to Notes DB for CACHATTO
August Increase of capital stock to 45 million yen
April Began providing CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iPhone


July Began supporting CACHATTO for iPhone 3G
March Began providing CACHATTO for SoftBank Corp.
March Began providing appliance-model CACHATTO mini for Ootsuka Corporation


November Released CACHATTO V4.2 and began providing tab-browser Java application for cell phones
May Released CACHATTO V4.1 and began supporting Windows Mobile


October Released CACHATTO V4.0 and began providing CACHATTO XE and CACHATTO ME
September Released CACHATTO Express Server for servers-for-loan
March Released CACHATTO Server V3.1; added direct-access to Notes


December Began providing CACHATTO Server Enterprise Edition, CACHATTO Server Standard Edition, and CACHATTO Server Portal Limited Edition
December Released CACHATTO Server V3.0
May Connected RSA’s SecurID one-time password token authentication and began supporting connection with CHTML
May Released CACHATTO Server V2.9


December Moved head office to Chiyoda-ku, Hirakawa-cho, Tokyo (Japan)


June Released CACHATTO Server V2.8; added the Notes DIIOP Connect function
March Developed BARMO, a cell phone barcode data collection system that utilizes Bluetooth and BREW
February Co-developed Bar-phone, a maintenance/inspection management system for use with cell phones and bar code readers, with SECOM Techno Service Co., Ltd.


October Developed and began providing a remote-access service to view company emails from cell phones
October Released CACHATTO Server V1.0
May Developed and began providing Kakinko for Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.’s Kuroneko Fax
February Developed a data collection system, EasyPOS, which utilized cell phones and bar code readers


December Developed a system for Dwango Co., Ltd.’s i-mode version cell phone contents,'Pocket Artist'
September Developed and began providing 'Kuroneko @ Mail' for Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
August Developed and began providing a PC mail browsing system, 'melpo'
April Developed and began providing a stand-by image drawing service, 'Kētai Kakipii', for Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.’s 'Kuroneko Fax'
April Developed 'Flets Robo' for co-project between Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation, and Takara Co., Ltd.
March Changed company name to 'e-Jan Net Ltd (株式会社いいじゃんネット)'


December Developed a convenient memo-creation site 'KMEMO' for feature phones and began operation
October Developed a fax-with-email transmission site 'Faximail' and began operation
July Moved head office to Shibuya-ku, Jingumae, Tokyo (Japan)
July Developed a digital mail storage site, 'Mail Pointer', and began operation
March Established e-Jan Net Ltd (株式会社いい・ジャンネット)

Access map

Japan (Head Office)

Address 〒102-0082 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, 8 Ichibancho
Sumitomo Fudosan Ichibanchou building 6F

Japan (West Japan Office)

Address 〒542-0076 Osaka, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Namba, 5-1-60
Namba Skyo 27F WeWork

Japan (Kochi Technical Centre)

Address 〒780-0870 Kochi, Honmachi, 4-2-52
Okaba Kochi building 9F

CACHATTO India Private Limited

Address 3rd Floor, IndiQube Coral, Municipal No. 2735,
HAL 3rd Stage, Jeevan Bhimanagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560075

e-Jan Networks

e-Jan Networks Co. has developed CACHATTO, a product which supports a remote connection to internal corporate file servers via a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) system, while providing high-level security and application support.

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Solution for success

Partnering with consultancy management companies, IT system integrators, resellers and distributors to bring CACHATTO to the world.

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