Secure digital workspace application


CACHATTO is a secure workspace platform, that provides a safe environment when accessing on-premise and cloud resources without compromising user agility or corporate manageability

Secure Digital Workspace

Restrict copy & paste

Secure Digital Workspace

Disables screenshot

Secure Digital Workspace

No data or files in local device

Secure Digital Workspace

Printing restrictions

Implementation of
CACHATTO-specific MDM functions

Various authentication and security checks can be combined for operation. Login is granted after multilevel authentication and various security checks ensure terminal security.

Enforced security by implementing application lock

Individualised resource access based on account authorization

Clears out user login credentials after failed login attempts

MS Teams integration

Microsoft Teams integration

Collaborate with CACHATTO to make individual and group chat with Microsoft Teams safer and easier access using managed or unmanaged devices

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SmartLogin authentication

Quick and simple login verification method, authenticating users to login to CACHATTO PC apps.

SmartLogin also enables to authenticate users even when using privately owned PC while veryifying user login access.

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Learn how CACHATTO enhances companies with their business

Read Clients' case studies

Nippon Life Insurance Company

"A strict security policy was applied for use from outside the company. To support that policy, we paid attention to the security concept of CACHATTO. "

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Takenaka Corporation

"When prioritizing security, CACHATTO is the best option. CACHATTO was chosen to enable access to the company system using company devices, as well as facilitate BYOD, thus ensuring both security and convenience."

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JDC Corporation

"It allows for outside access to internal computers for the implementation of a telework system. We highly evaluate CACHATTO from a security point of view"

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