Secure and simpler approach to PC app login authentication

Quick and simple login verification method to an on-site PC using a smartphone whenever a user wants to do telework

Utilising unmanaged PCs

Privately-owned PCs (unmanaged PCs) can be used for work smoothly and securely

Easy installation and deployment

System is easy to deploy by simply installing the desired CACHATTO app on the PC

Simple and secure authentication

Login credentials need to be set on PC, making setup and authentication quick and simple

*1 Pertinent applications: CACHATTO Desktop for Windows, Splashtop for CACHATTO for Windows, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows

* CACHATTO SmartLogin is available from CACHATTO V6

CACHATTO SmartLogin structure

Use of smartphone or tablet to authenticate user login to CACHATTO PC apps

Authentication/login procedure

Telework use case scenarios

Business continuity plan in cases where there’s difficulty to go to work due to a disaster or an unexpected incident

Privately-owned PC can be used for teleworking instead of bringing company-provided PC every day

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