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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

CACHATTO as an alternative to complicated VPN connection

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Daikin Investment

Migration from operations by MDM with many restrictions to CACHATTO
- Improvement of usability in BYOD environment while maintaining security -

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Asahi Breweries

Asahi Breweries' business style revolution
How implementation of the iPad changed our work-lifestyle

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Sapporro Breweries

Toray Industries

Challenge to innovate work style by using smart devices to work

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CACHATTO playing a key role for human networks among group companies

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Taiho Pharmaceutical

CACHATTO for increase in efficiency of MR business operations and new mean of communication

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Finance & consulting services

Nippon Life Insurance Company

Together with ‘Work style reform’ of the leading company in life insurance industry

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ABeam Consulting

Surpassing the limits of MDM: Cloud and BYOD

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Nomura Research Institution

Meiji Yasuda Insurance Co.

CACHATO accelerates communication and decision-making process of Japan's longest running life insurance company

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Wholesale & retail

United Arrows

A trend-setter in the apparel world setting new trends in smartphone use a new way to work through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

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Other services

Takenaka Corporation

Choosing CACHATTO as a base for BYOD remote access

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Panasonic System Solutions Japan

Using CACHATTO to restore mobility lost with strengthened security
~Immediate actualisation of BYOD through self-developed applications~

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JDC Corporation

Improved operational efficiency gained from Workstyle Reforms

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Educational Institution Kokusai Business Gakuin

Built secure environment for mobile working for business travellers

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Security system platform which focuses on protecting your corporate data, and does not require additional monitoring or management tools

Secure Digital Workspace

Data security on end-point

CACHATTO reduces the risk of losing sensitive data without the need for MDM or VPN access

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End-point Data Security

Individualised perimeter access

Identity-centric network connection, providing authorised resources to the authenticated user

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Data Security and Protection

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication confirms a user’s identity through a series of authentication

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Simple & flexible

Operations and management

Simple deployment and easy customisable settings and access configuration for individual users

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Find out how CACHATTO would help protect your sensitive data

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