Secure Workstyle

Focuses on protecting corporate data without the need for MDM or VPN access


Secure digital workspace

Remote access service that enables highly secure to the intra/cloud business system. It ensures a secure delivery of the right application and data to the right user.

CACHATTO product

Keypoints of CACHATTO

  • Browsed data is not left on device, and cannot be taken out
  • Strong authentication/security check
  • Minimises possible security risks to the terminor inside of the organiby not directly accessing in-house systems
Simple installation
  • No VPN, no firewall setup change is required, nor significant system change is required
  • Can be used anywhere with an connection
  • Simple deployment through CACHATTO server installation
Ease of use
  • Able to access to both on-premise and cloud-based systems
  • Use on various devices:
    CACHATTO's uniqueuser interface is optimised for each device
  • Register up to four devices with user license
  • Prevent off-hours and holiday work by controlling the available usage times
  • Dynamic and individualised access perimeter for each
  • Check the use conditions of users and server operations from the dashboard

Individualised perimeter access

CACHATTO provides identity-centric network connection, providing authorised resources to the authenticated user, while all unauthorised resources are made invisible - reducing attack surface.

Multi-factor Authentication

Functionality Description/ Use case
App Lock Passcode
  • Keeps sensitive data safe by automatically locking the CACHATTO SecureBrowser after a given idle period.
  • The app will request the user to enter App Lock Passcode before access.
  • After a consecutively pre-specified number of failed attemps has been made, 'Local Wipe' which erases CACHATTO SecureBrowser settings, including login credentials.
AD/LDAP login
  • AD/LDAP authentication applies for access permission on portals and file server files.
  • Files/folders without access permission are not displayed. Likewise, these files /folders are not visible from CACHATTO either.
Device authentication
  • CACHATTO uses the registered device ID and prevents login to SecureBrowser from unauthorised devices.
CACHATTO SecureBrowser Authentication
  • This step verifies that access is allowed to corporate data through SecureBrowser.
Application version check
  • The MDM policies on the Administrator page allow administrators to specifu the application version.
Rooted/Jailbreak check
  • Prevents security breaches, CACHATTO SecureBrowser does not start on Rooted/Jail-broken devices.
  • If you start CACHATTO SecureBrowser on these devices, the app will force itself to shut down immediately to prevent access to CACHATTO.
Unauthorised application installation check
  • Administrator can prohibit the use of CACHATTO on smartphone devices installed with specified applications.

CACHATTO special functions

CACHATTO has several special functions that provides further usuability and manageability for both users and administrators. Here are a few CACHATTO special functions

Teams messenger linkage

Collaborate with CACHATTO to make conversations with Microsoft Teams safer and easier outside the company

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SmartLogin enables a quick and simple login verification method, authenticating users to login to CACHATTO PC app

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Time management control

The time range or day allowed for users to use their device scan be set for each user by linking with the 'usage time control function'.

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Easy deployment and management

View system specifications and supported applications

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Meiji Yasuda Insurance Co.

"Outstanding cost performance and contributions to our IT management cost reduction were valued. As a new mobile remote access platform which advanced the security of the existing corporation network system"

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United Arrows Ltd.

"There are so many devices on the market, but CACHATTO makes it much easier because of the speed of their response and the sheer number of compatible devices"

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Asahi Breweries Ltd.

"CACHATTO gives you peace of mind since it doesnʼt leave browsing data on the device; from a security perspective, it is very reassuring."

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