Messenger connectivity

Secure messaging connectivity with Microsoft Teams

Efficient and collaborative communication solution with Microsoft Teams

Securing conversations and shared contents

Preventing any risk of data leakages by not storing/leaving data on the device, and cannot be taken out

No need to install Microsoft Teams app on device

Installation and setup of Microsoft Teams application on users' devices is not required, making deployment simple and easy

No MDM tools, such as Microsoft Intune is required

Safe and secure messenging solution without the need to deploy MDM tools such as Microsoft Intune

Messaging features

Select messenging channels and browse the list of conversations

Splashtop for CACHATTO feature

You can post new channels, reply to threads, and mention

Splashtop for CACHATTO feature

View, respond, and "mention" on a one-on-one and/or group chats

Splashtop for CACHATTO feature

Teams channel

Posts, thread views and replies

One-on-one &
group chats


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Nippon Life Insurance Company

"A strict security policy was applied for use from outside the company. To support that policy, we paid attention to the security concept of CACHATTO. "

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Takenaka Corporation

"When prioritizing security, CACHATTO is the best option. CACHATTO was chosen to enable access to the company system using company devices, as well as facilitate BYOD, thus ensuring both security and convenience."

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JDC Corporation

"It allows for outside access to internal computers for the implementation of a telework system. We highly evaluate CACHATTO from a security point of view"

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