CACHATTO SecureContainer

Secure isolated workspace designed for remote work environment

Secure contained workspace for remote work

An isolated secure workspace generated on the accessing Windows PC, creating a secure and comfortable remote work environment which users can use to complete work-related tasks without the dependency of internet connectivity stability, while making sure files are kept locally isolated and secure.

CACHATTO product

What is CACHATTO SecureContainer?

Secure and managed remote work environment
  • Create an isolated secured container that can utilize natively installed applications, while keeping all accessed and saved data secure only within the environment
  • Dedicated secure contained workspace is generated separately from the standard user account, restricting any file sharing and transfer between accounts
  • Management tools equipped with multi-factor authentication, such as user and device authentication, provides a way to enforce security policies for both managed and unmanaged PCs
Access authorised files and use of local resources
  • Solution can be integrated with IdaaS (Authentication Provider Service), to access cloud-based resources that can be restricted only from secure container application*
  • CACHATTO SecureBrowser may also be used to upload and download on-prem and cloud-based resources within the SecureContainer environment
  • Applications installed locally on the PC can be also utilized in the secure workspace to view, edit, create files.
  • Web conferencing applications, including Teams, can be safely and directly be used within a secure area. Microphone and web cams can also be utilized
Network connectivity independency
  • Able to work remotely without being continously bound by internet stability and reduce operational load by utilising local resources, unlike remote desktop solutions
  • At minimum, internet connection is used for upload/download files and web conferencing tools from within the secure environment
  • There is no need to setup a streamer connection, like remote desktop or virtual desktop (VDI), to access resources

*Client certificate not included in CACHATTO SecureContainter solution

Supports any workstyle for various scenarios

Use unmanaged PC for remote work without worry of security

Users are able to use personal or unmanaged PC without worry of security breach or leaking data with its unique workspace environment and CACHATTO's management tools. This also provides a way to safely share authorised resources to other organizations' PCs not managed by the company, like partners and 3rd party contractors

Use of local resources and dependency for constant internet connectivity

System utilizes various locally installed applications to enable users perform tasks, enabling offline capability. Webcam and PC mic can also be used. Internet connections is mostly used for uploading and downloading resources and for web conference applications; unlike remote desktop solutions, which needs contant internet connection.

Providing access to head office system for remote or overseas bases

Providing access to remote or overseas office system using a PC that is not managed by Active Directory or asset management system, enabling users on a business trip and users located remotely or overseas to have the needed resources to perform tasks. With CACHATTO managing system, providing resource access can be set individually

Product functions and features

Management server on the cloud

e-Jan Networks, developers of CACHATTO also offers to provide a built management server on the cloud, packaged with (AWS) cloud hosting. This provides a quick and easy deployment without the need of adding equipment such as servers to the company.*

CACHATTO product

*Communication through the customer’s internet connection, such as VPN, would be necessary to access on-premise resources

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Meiji Yasuda Insurance Co.

"Outstanding cost performance and contributions to our IT management cost reduction were valued. As a new mobile remote access platform which advanced the security of the existing corporation network system"

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United Arrows Ltd.

"There are so many devices on the market, but CACHATTO makes it much easier because of the speed of their response and the sheer number of compatible devices"

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Asahi Breweries Ltd.

"CACHATTO gives you peace of mind since it doesnʼt leave browsing data on the device; from a security perspective, it is very reassuring."

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