[End of support] iOS 6

As of December 7, 2015, CACHATTO SecureBrowser has discontinued its support for iOS 6 and earlier iOS versions. However, CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS 7 and above will continue to receive support and updates, giving you an optimal and secured remote access BYOD solution for your company.

This change was accompanied with the release of CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.17.0, last December 2015.

Other device requirements for CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.17.0 are as follows:

  • Device is able to access the App Store (Apple ID and password are necessary);
  • Device is not jail-broken;
  • Device does not carry customisation (such as replaced firmware) outside of carrier’s warranty coverage;
  • and Device or OS is not region locked.

For more information, please refer to the Device Requirement page.

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