CACHATTO V5.5 R6, CACHATTO SecureBrowser version release

CACHATTO V5.5 R6 was released 19 July, 2016, together with CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Android V3.22.0 and CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.21.0.

A number of new features were introduced with the latest release of CACHATTO V5.5 R6.

CACHATTO V5.5 R6: What’s New?

  • Labour Management- The administrator can restrict/specify the days and hours a user can access CACHATTO. This allows the administrator to limit access to on-premise systems and cloud services that CACHATTO is connected to; through this, companies have the ability to manage their employees’ working time.
  • Fingerprint Authentication- With the use of Android and iOS devices’ biometric verification feature, fingerprint authentication can now be used to log into CACHATTO.
  • Exchange Schedule Push Notifications for Android Devices- Notifications for schedules or events on Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 (and above), Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Exchange Online are now available for Android devices.

For more information on the CACHATTO V5.5 R6 release, please refer to the release notes.

*Release note is only in Japanese.

**Exchange Schedule Push Notifications feature for iOS devices is scheduled to be available with the CACHATTO V6.6 R6 U001 release.

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