CACHATTO V5.5 R8, CSB-i V3.23.0 version release

CACHATTO V5.5 R8 and CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.23.0 was released 7 March 2017, bringing improvements and new features.

CACHATTO V5.5 R8: What’s new?

A function for iOS was added that detects screenshots. Users will be automatically logged out from CACHATTO, and their accounts will be suspended if screenshots are detected inside SecureBrowser.

Furthermore, installation of the profile to disable screenshots (a feature included in the V5.4 R3 release) will no longer be required to log into CACHATTO.

It is now also possible to send notification emails to Admins when screenshots are detected. This feature can be enabled/disabled with settings in the Admin page.

To activate this function, users must update their CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS to version 3.23.0 (which is to be released soon) or above.

CSB-i V3.23.0: What’s new?

  • A corresponding feature to the CACHATTO update’s screenshot detection feature was added. (User accounts will be suspended when screenshots are detected inside SecureBrowser).
  • A 'help menu' for login settings is now shown on the login page.
  • Status of the CACHATTO Access Point is now displayed on the login page.

For more information on the CACHATTO V5.5 R8 and CACHTTO SecureBrowser for iOS V3.23.0 releases, as well as details on other improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the release notes.

*Release note is only in Japanese.

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