CACHATTO V5.6 R1 version release

CACHATTO V5.6 R1 was released 16 June 2017, with some major new improvements and features.

CACHATTO V5.6 R1: What’s New?

  • Allow/prohibit copy & paste in SecureBrowser
    Copy & paste can now be allowed or prohibited in SecureBrowser for Android and iOS 9/10. Previously copy & paste was prohibited completely, but now this setting can be changed from the administrator page.
  • Email user interface for smartphone
    The user interface for smartphone has been given a major renovation. Furthermore, this user interface has new features such as stacked email folders, and a more convenient search function.

Image 1.1: CACHATTO email user interface

For more information on CACHATTO V5.6 R1 release, as well as details on other its other improvements, updates and bug fixes, please refer to the release notes.

*Release note is only in Japanese.

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