Update regarding iPhone X: Testing results and FaceID

Testing for CACHATTO with iPhone X has been completed.

The targets for testing were CACHATTO’s basic functions (email, linked schedule, linked file servers, linked portals, etc.).

Testing conditions:
iOS version: 11.1
CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS version: V3.25.2
CACHATTO server: V5.6 R2
CACHATTO interface: iPhone X

For questions related to the iPhone X, please contact your sales representative or Global Help Desk.

Face ID on iPhone X
The iPhone X introduced a new authentication method, Face ID.

Face ID can be used with CACHATTO for login and/or app lock. CACHATTO users that already have fingerprint authentication enabled for CACHATTO SecureBrowser can use Face ID with CACHATTO.

* The prompt for authentication is still displayed as ‘Fingerprint authentication’, but Face ID will applied. This prompt will be changed in a future CACHATTO SecureBrowser for iOS release.

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