CACHATTO V5.6 R6 version releases

CACHATTO V5.6 R6 was released 16th May 2018.

What’s new on CACHATTO V5.6 R6?
This release included the following features:

  • Official release of Splashtop connected device sharing function
    - This feature was pre-released in a previous update, but has not been officially released thanks to some function improvements
  • Official release of dashboard function
    - In the CACHATTO V5.6 R3 release, the dashboard function was pre-released. This blog covered the pre-released features in this E-Jan International blog post
  • Improved smartphone and PC/tablet interface for Exchange schedule
    - As with the improved email interface introduced in 2017, the smartphone and PC/tablet interface for Exchange schedule has been similarly improved

Please note that this is a beta release, and the official release will be included in the CACHATTO V5.6 R7 release. More details on testing and supported devices will be forthcoming.

Detailed information regarding this release can be found on the release notes.*

*Some release notes are only available in Japanese.

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