E-Jan International year-end holiday announcement

This year, E-Jan International Pte. Ltd. year-end holiday will coincide with e-Jan Networks’ year end holiday.

Final working day of the year:
27 December, 2018 (Thursday) until 12:00 JST

Year-end holiday:
28 December, 2018 (Friday) to 6 January 2019 (Sunday) JST

Regular E-Jan International Pte. Ltd. operations will resume 7 January 2019 (Thursday).

The CACHATTO Global Helpdesk and Live Monitoring Service will also be unavailable during the above dates.

To disable the Live Monitoring service due to planned maintenance or power cuts, please put in a request via the CACHATTO Support Site.

The Administrator page allows centralised control – specify usuable resources to specific user, set unique MDM settings, user activity auditing

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