Secure delivery of the right applications and data to the right user, on the right device, whenever, wherever


CACHATTO is a secure workspace platform, that provides a safe environment when accessing on-premise and cloud resources without compromising user agility or corporate manageability

CACHATTO product

Worksapce platform that delivers the best user experience, enabling users to work in any scenario

Business Continuity Plan

Create a secure BCP system to deal with potential business disruptions, unforeseen events, and provide opportunities to create further business strategies

Remote work

Enable employees to work away from the workplace in cases of nursing, beating the daily traffic, or living remotely, while keeping business operational

Secure workspace platform

Work securely, ensuring no data is stored or remains end device. The system equipped with various authentications, audit, and user and resource management.

Sercure resource access environment

CACHATTO focuses on data security, secure access, and data isolation. It provides access to corporate resources in a single platform


User & resource management

CACHATTO ensures a secure delivery to the right application and data to the right users, on the right device, at any time and in any location.

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Data and end-device isolation, together with Multi-Factor Authenticaion (MFA) prevents security breaches or data leakages. Reduces surface attacks by not directly accessing corporate network/system.

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Simple deployment

Easy configuration & management with no changes to firewall, no special ports, no VPN requirement. CACHATTO co-exists with enterprise infrastructure.

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Secure Digital Workspace

Data security on end-point

CACHATTO reduces the risk of losing sensitive data without the need for MDM or VPN access

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End-point Data Security

Individualised perimeter access

Identity-centric network connection, providing authorised resources to the authenticated user

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Data Security and Protection

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication confirms a user’s identity through a series of authentication

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Simple & flexible

Operations and management

Simple deployment and easy customisable settings and access configuration for individual users

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Learn how CACHATTO enhances companies with their business

Read clients' case studies

Nippon Life Insurance Company

"A strict security policy was applied for use from outside the company. To support that policy, we paid attention to the security concept of CACHATTO. "

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Takenaka Corporation

"When prioritizing security, CACHATTO is the best option. CACHATTO was chosen to enable access to the company system using company devices, as well as facilitate BYOD, thus ensuring both security and convenience."

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JDC Corporation

"It allows for outside access to internal computers for the implementation of a telework system. We highly evaluate CACHATTO from a security point of view"

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